Coast Home Fragrance


A uniquely pleasant aroma with:

Top Notes: Agarwood (oud), Ambrette, Celery Seeds.

Middle Notes: Lemon, Myrrh, Saffron

Base Notes: Incense, Vanilla, Vetiver and Oak.

Add a fresh smell to any room. Whether you’re dealing with a smelly living room, a damp bathroom, or a stuffy office room, our natural Coast Home Fragrance Scented Spray will help to deodorize & freshen the space with a bright, vibrant fragrance

Coast Home Fragrance Spray is easy and very convenient to use and can be utilized as a room spray, cleansing spray, yoga mat spray or basically anytime you need a fresh and clean start! Its highly rich aroma works wonders on linens and fabrics and has the ability to overpower the odor of smoke and kitchen malodor. This energetically charged coast home fragrance spray is blessed with the intention to cleanse your soul, body, home and spirit and also awakens your senses!

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